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Natural way of healing and enhancing your skin

Why Dr. Roller?

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Unlike other skin treatments involving epidermis damage or removal, derma rolling with Dr. Roller puts less strain and stress on the skin and creates numerous microchannels. It boosts absorption of solutions and skin’s natural generation of collagen, leading to smoothing tissue scarring and skin’s tension improvements.

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Case Studies

Dr. Roller is recognized for its solidity and effectiveness, and many case studies used Dr. Roller for its case proving.

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No Adhesives

Unlike other derma rollers, Dr. Roller utilizes unique assembly method called “Flange” type, using no adhesives during the manufacturing process. As there are no adhesives, Dr. Roller reduces possible allergic reaction caused by an adhesive allergen.

Accuracy & Safety

Dr. Roller’s firm medical-grade stainless needle creates more accurate and precise microchannels, amplifying the treatment result. All rollers go through full inspection through 300x microscopes and have sterilized through Gamma-ray according to ISO11137, manufacturing the “Zero germs” derma roller.

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Dr. Roller skin antiaging (After)Dr. Roller skin antiaging (Before)Dr. Roller skin antiaging (Before) 2
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Dr. Roller skin whitening (after)Dr. Roller skin whitening (Before)
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Dr.Roller treatment shows excellent improvements in skin tone, fine wrinkles, and elastic by self-regenerating collagen generation through microchannels (holes). Cross-using with other skin solutions yields better improvements and cause no other side effects.

Skin Care

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Acne scar


Dr. Roller Stretch mark (Before)


Stretch mark


Dr. Roller Burn scar (Before)


Burn scar

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Dr. Roller's rolling itself is effective for re-aligning and production of collagen through generating induced multiple micropunctures, reaching the dermis with minimum injuries. Rolling with Dr.Roller induces collagen regrowth, showing improvements to scars, including burn, acne, and stretch marks.


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Dr. Roller Scalp care 2 (After)


Dr. Roller Scalp care 2 (Before)



Dr. Roller Scalp care 1 (Before)


Hair care

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Several factors—including cell degeneration, lack of nutrients, inflammation, clogged hair pores, and stress—may cause hair loss. Rolling with Dr. Roller reduces pore exposure and balance the sebum (oil) production, resulting scalp improvement and preventing hair loss.

Scalp Care

Questions & Answers

Rolling with Dr. Roller works as a catalyst for skin’s natural collagen regeneration. Dr. Roller achieves this with minimum damage to the epidermis, unlike the other methods of treatment (e.g., laser, peeling) involves removing or damaging the skin. The microchannels rearrange collagen in the dermis and smooth scar tissue, wrinkles (crow’s feet) improvements, and pigmentation improvements.

Microneedling (derma rolling) method has no severe side effects. There can be some presence of flush and swelling due to the nature of micro needling. But it is mostly temporarily and goes off within two or three days. Consult with your nearest dermatologists for Dr. Roller treatment and its benefits and possible side effects.

It varies depending on the purpose of treatment and the severity. Generally, five procedures within two to three weeks provide satisfactory improvements. It is recommended to have the program with a dermatologist and proceeding with an application.

Yes, Dr. Roller treatment with (liquid) solution boosts the effect of the solution.

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